Visit us A journey skyward

In the past, space travels and encounters with other sapient beings were the musings of daydreamers. Today, we’re observing distant planets, send them space postcards and listen for signals sent by extraterrestials.

This journey – like every other – began with but a small step: gazing at the sky. At daytime, you only need to take a look at the sky, to see everyday life: clouds, birds and the Sun. At night, we’re observing the distant universe.

The planetarium invites you to embark on a similar journey. We encourage our visitors to participate not only in a space trip, but also a journey inside ourselves. The sky becomes a mirror that reflects our needs and expectations. While staring at it, we start wondering about the beginning and the end of the world. These thoughts have been common to mankind for centuries. Today, we can already examine the first fractions of seconds of the Universe’s existence, and astronomers are searching for the answer to the question about its end – or perhaps its rebirth.

The sky is beautiful and calm, but also mysterious and slightly dangerous. What if a distant supernova explodes any moment? What if a dazzling comet appers? Or maybe a shooting star will flash through the night sky? By watching the sky, we join the multitude of people from both past and present, who also lifted their gaze up to the stars. I encourage you to do the same. Make own discoveries and feel the awe, when observing the outer space!
Well then, see you at the planetarium!

Ph.D. Weronika Śliwa
Head of Planetarium Department