Production studio

The planetarium's production studio, as the only one in Poland, aims at creating animated films on a hemisphere-shaped screen. In this studio, we create original film shows for our viewers and planetariums around the world. The shows are created under the guidance of cartoonists with many years of experience in film and cinema special effects. The studio also gathers artists from outside the Copernicus Science Centre. The productions are created using the most modern graphics systems and specialist full-dome software of the Sky-Skan company. We work in 4K resolution. As regards hardware, we are supported by a render farm composed of 50 modern processors and by the Digital Sky 2 system generating the image for the dome in real time.

"Dream to fly" was the first film directed in the studio of the Copernicus Science Centre Planetarium and the first Polish production in fulldome technology, which enables displaying movies on a spherical screen that surrounds the audience from all sides.