Copernicus Science Centre without barriers Planetarium accessible for everyone

The Copernicus Science Centre makes every effort to ensure that people with disabilities are offered the best conditions to take the advantage of the Centre’s building and offer. Our building is equipped with lifts, platforms and toilets adapted for people with disabilities. The projection room is located on the 2nd floor, and the toilet on level -1; both are easily reached by using a lift. The planetarium dome-room has space for people on wheelchairs. Also, in our offer, we have three special films with audio-description prepared for those who are visually impaired: Earth, Moon, Sun; Black holes; and Dream to fly. Headphones can be rented at the ticket desk by paying a deposit of PLN 300 or presenting one’s ID card. In the planetarium, you will also find the Look: there’s the Earth! Exhibition, which is accessible for all, and presents research and studies on the Earth conducted in space. Some of the exhibits are adjusted for being used by people on wheelchairs.