The planetarium’s repertoire includes two types of live shows. One type are short shows presented before films as supporting material. Usually they are seasonal in nature and discuss phenomena that can be observed in the sky in the particular period. You can watch them with the ticket for any of the film screenings.

The other type are ticketed longer shows, which last approx. 45 minutes. Live shows are prepared and hosted by (usually) two presenters, who perform with their heads in the stars. While one of them tells all about the sky, the other controls the console and pilots the audience as if they were in a giant space craft. He sets the sunrises and sunsets, turns the Jupiter and turns on auroras. Our presenters ensure that our shows are interactive  which is what we aim for. When leading each show, they adjust it according to the audience’s reactions, they answer your questions and tell about the latest novelties from the world of astronomy.


Ticketed shows

Shows before films

Before some film screenings, there are live shows hosted by the planetarium presenters. Please note that some shows are held only before particular films.

“Frank the Hare and Stellar Adventure“

Presenters take our little audience into the woods, where they seek animals that are hiding among the trees. Children meet a family of hedgehogs, a lynx, an owl and a deer. And when the night falls, it turns out that the animals can also be found in the sky, disguised as constellations.
The show lasts 20 minutes and is presented live by the planetarium staff.
The show is presented before the film “One World, One Sky” for children aged 3-5 years.

„Mars 3D” show

If your imagination is fired by the prospect of a manned expedition to Mars, and especially if you’d like to feel as though you were actually on such a journey, come see “Mars 3D”. You will discover how humanity is preparing to conquer the Red Planet and the numerous difficulties that will be faced by the future colonists of Mars.
The show runs about 20 minutes and is presented live by the planetarium staff before the films “Dream to Fly 3D” and “Astronaut 3D”.

“Space picnic” show

Above the Earth, about the same distance Warsaw is from Wrocław, an International Space Station is orbiting the planet. A couple of astronauts live inside. What’s their daily life like? What are they doing? Do they eat hamburgers? How do they wash their hair? Is it easy for them to sleep in weightlessness? See for yourself during a trip to the Station with Sophie.
The show lasts 20 minutes and is presented live by the planetarium staff. The show is presented before the film “Secrets of the Cardboard Rocket” for children aged 5–12 years.