For teachers Creating the future

Dear teachers! The role of teachers in the upbringing of young people is invaluable. You have great influence on your pupils and their interests. You’re the best partners for the Copernicus Science Centre Planetarium.

The movies and shows offered by our planetarium are not only "pretty pictures" seen on a spherical screen. Our program is designed with our educational goals in mind – we want to show something that inspires teens and kids to develop hobbies and interests, to fascinate them with exact science. Perhaps they will become astronomers, mathematicians or physicians and will dedicate their lives to exploring the universe. The movie form, in which we present this knowledge, gets perfectly to youth immersed in a digitalized reality. A visit at the planetarium will update the things they learned at school and will make them understand the topics of school lessons better. The movies and shows at the planetarium speak not only of known and basic facts, but also about latest discoveries and experiments. For instance, while watching "We’re astronauts!", we find ourselves inside the Large Hadron Collider.

Every movie is a source of interesting topics you can talk about in class. Thus, we invite you to join us in a journey through time and space, one that you and you pupils will never forget.