For kids Free thoughts and star-reaching dreams

Our Planetarium is the place for you! Here you can experience some amazing adventures with our film characters: you will build a cardboard rocket, fly into space, steer a spaceship, walk on the Moon, see the Martian surface, look inside the stars and look at our Solar System from afar. And who knows — maybe in the future you will join the scientists, researchers and constructors who deal with space exploration and look for forms of life on other planets?

The Planetarium invites all children who have turned 3. We will show you a film called One world, One sky, which tells a story of Big Bird –the one from the Sesame Street – who went to the Moon with his friends.

To older children (those who have just started school), we recommend a film called Polaris. It tells a story of an unusual meeting between Vladimir, a polar bear, and James, a penguin, who construct an amazing spaceship together and fly into space to understand a phenomenon related to the Earth. And why is their meeting so unusual? Because, as you probably know, in reality a polar bear and a penguin will never meet as they live on two different poles. Well, unless they see each other in a zoo.

Secret of the cardboard rocket is also a film for school children. Its two protagonists learn about the planets of our Solar System during their journey into space on a hand-made cardboard space rocket.

Older children are invited to watch all other films in the Planetarium. We especially recommend Dream to fly — a film which was made in our graphic design studio that tells a story of the human’s dream of flying. We are really proud of it as the film has won numerous awards worldwide.

Once a month, we also invite children aged 5-12 with their parents to interactive concerts. These events combine a child’s curiosity and sensitivity to music with observations of the sky.

Remember that after visiting the dome-room, you can also see our Look: there’s the Earth! Exhibition, which is spread on three levels of the Planetarium and shows some observations of the Earth from space. You can take a picture of yourself wearing a space suit, touch a meteor and peek through a window of a space station.