For adults Evenings about stars and planets

The events in the Planetarium are mostly designed for adults, both those who have just started learning about Space and those more knowledgeable in the field. Find out what we have prepared for you in our evening offer! Straight from the sky is a series of meetings with outstanding specialists in the field of space. During these really interesting multimedia shows, you can learn a lot about the latest scientific discoveries, space research and star-related curiosities. The meetings take place once a month, on Thursdays, and start about 7 p.m.

You will feel an amazing atmosphere also during our concerts, to which we invite various artists performing a variety of music styles, from classical music, through entertaining pop, to jazz. All concerts are accompanied by visualisations on the dome prepared in our studio.

Our repertoire also regularly features the Constellation: Love live show, which is a fantastic idea for a date under the stars.

The Planetarium also takes part in monthly “Late” 18+ events, during which adult visitors can listen to discussions about stars in a very relaxed atmosphere.