How many times have you dreamt that you were flying? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have wings? Discover the great secret of flying with Leonardo da Vinci, the Montgolfier brothers, the Wright brothers and other aviation pioneers. ‘Dream to Fly’ is an amazing adventure with science and the history of aviation, which will enable you to fly a balloon, an airship and a plane. The dream to fly has raised the man even further – into the outer space. We will also visit a space station and fly a rocket. So how many times have you dreamt that you were flying? Dreams sometimes come true...

The movie has been directed in the film studio of the Heavens of Copernicus. It is our independent project that we developed for 2 years. It is also the first Polish production in fulldome technology, which enables displaying movies on a spherical screen that surrounds the audience from all sides. Music for the movie was composed by Michał Lorenc, and commentary (also in the English language version) was delivered by Danuta Stenka.

The world premiere of the movie took place at FullDome Festival Jena (one of the three world’s most important and most prestigious events in the planetarium industry). Our first production was awarded the main prize and the audience award. Now it got 9 different awards.

For kids aged 12 and up.