The Lich is a pulsar – a dead star that rotates around its axis about 160 times per second. It was formed several hundred million years ago as a result of a supernova explosion. The Lich is found in the constellation of Virgo, and it was named after immensely powerful undead creatures from fantasy worlds, which perfectly fits a star that has 'died', and yet continues to shine. In the 1990s, Prof. Aleksander Wolszczan discovered three planets in a planetary system around the Lich – the first extrasolar planets ever found. Can life exist on them? Pulsars are very dense objects that have very strong magnetic fields, sending out signals into the universe like lighthouses. They flash with a regularity as perfect as our atomic clocks. Planets orbiting pulsars are characterised by conditions that make it nearly impossible for any life to survive there. Hence, we continue the search for further candidate planets around “ordinary” stars, in their ecospheres, or planetary habitable zones surrounding them. We would like to find as many of them as possible, as close as possible, and perhaps send them a message showing that we are out there. Can we do it? How are we trying to do it? Will we find traces of advanced extraterrestrial civilisations? We will be searching for answers to these questions during the show. This show can be watched only in Polish language.