Starry Night Concerts

The planetarium is proud to invite both music and astronomy enthusiasts for our magnificent "Starry Night Concerts". Every Friday at 19.00 we’re holding a classical music concert, enhanced with visualisations on the planetarium dome.

You’ll have a chance to listen to music pieces by F. Chopin, J. S. Bach, L. van Beethoven, performed by Maria Gabryś, Monika Quinn, Ryszard Alzin, Jakub Sokołowski, Rafał Grząka and other artists.


Around Jazz

Do you like jazz and improvisation? Once a month, we will put you into the jazz orbit. We invite you to the new cycle of concerts in the planetarium – “Around Jazz”, during which we will listen both to well-known standards and genuine jam sessions.

The concerts will be accompanied by visualisations of the sky against the dome. Images of the sky, space and the remotest corners of the Universe will become an inspiration for the artists who will create for them a musical illustration in the rhythm of jazz. The cosmic themes will be generated by the sounds of piano and trumpet but the musicians and their instruments will also influence what the audience will see on the screen. You need to see and hear this in person!


Kids’ Concerts

Music, astronomy and children? How can we combine the natural curiosity of a child and the sensitivity to music – with sky observations? We’ve come up with a solution!

Now we would like to invite you to our extremely interactive and the most engaging monthly concerts, tailored to the youngest viewers. Apart from the sounds of the piano, you will hear hand-made rattles and drums. The concerts at the planetarium are amazing events presenting music arrangements enriched with sky and space visualisations. When listening to fine and subtle classical music, you will explore every nook and cranny of the Solar System, and experience a truly cosmic journey.

Concerts for kids aged 7 to 12 take place on a selected Sunday in a given month and they last for approx. 45 minutes.