Look: there’s the Earth! – exhibition in planetarium

The planetarium hosts a free-entry exhibition (open to everyone) dealing with space exploration and research, and how the results are affecting our day-to-day lives.

Such research enables us to observe climate change, forecast the weather, predict natural disasters and changes caused by human activity.

There are opportunities to take part in a virtual rocket launch, to enjoy the view from a space station in real time and examine satellite photos, to learn about the number, speed, and altitude of satellites circling the Earth and find out why they do not fall back down. Let a quote from the astronaut Jean-François Clervoy serve as the best encouragement to come see the exhibition: “The sight of the Earth from space brings one to tears, the planet is incredibly impressive, gorgeous. At the same time, when looking at it, I realize how fragile human existence on Earth is.” Entry is free of charge.