How to watch our films in English or Russian language version?

Almost all films shown in the planetarium can be watched in English (except "Here Be Dragons" and "Other Earths"), some of them also in Russian. These include: “Hello Earth”, “Earth, Moon, Sun”, “Dream to Fly”, “Polaris”, “Black Holes – Journey into the Unknown”, and “Astronaut 3D”.

We don't translate live shows before films.

To receive your chosen language version, ask for a relevant headset in the ticket office before the screening. Each visitor can rent a headset after submitting an ID with a photograph, e.g. student’s ID, driver’s licence, etc. in order to provide all relevant personal data (name, surname, address of residence, personal ID No. or passport No.) or paying a deposit in the amount of PLN 300. Once the headset is returned, all the provided data is erased.

Damaging or losing a headset is subject to a fine of PLN 1,300, which is the value of each headset.